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5 best ways to use your credit card points

Updated: Jan 16

The best way to redeem your credit card bonus signup points will be different for everyone depending on what your goal and priorities are, or why you decided to credit card churn in the first place.

I will list the best "bang for your buck", in terms of points usage for the Qantas Frequent Flyer program based on their points value worth. Although this is specific to Qantas, all other membership reward points follow the same rule of valuing their points usage. The way that I value points, is how much they are worth in cash. So in the below sections, each will be compared to their cents value per point. The best value is 5 cents or more and the worse is 0.4 cents per point. To be honest anything above 0.8 cents is good value for your points.

Selling Points

The most lucrative method of earning money from points is selling them privately on the grey market.

This is risky and can get your account suspended by Qantas as it is against their terms and conditions of use. So I would not recommend this method but there are people willing to purchase points if that suits your risk appetite. You can convert your points to cash this way. Per point, the value can range from 1.0 - 1.5 cents.

Flight Upgrades

A man and a woman in first class eating
Flight upgrades are the best conversion ratio for your points, they are however hard to find

The best value for your points is upgrading your flights or booking a classic reward flight in business class or first class. I rarely tend to use this method as I'm not that interested in flying first or business class. Per point, the value can exceed 5 cents for upgrading. Looking at pure value, this is the best value for using points.

Classic Reward Flights

Lady in plane looking at mobile phone at her frequent flyer points
Classic rewards flights are one of the best ways to use your points

Classic reward flights are by far the most popular method of redeeming Qantas points. All Qantas destinations give you classic reward flights as an option to their regular flights. Depending on the destination classic rewards flights give an excellent value of 1.0 - 1.8 cents per point of value. Remember that you will also have to pay taxes on flights, but even with taxes, this is very good value and worth doing rather than paying for standard flights with points which net you 0.6 cents per point of value.

Hotel and Car Hire Bookings

Balcony of a hotel in europe
Qantas points can be used for hotel bookings as well as car hire

Booking hotels is also another great way of utilizing your points. Qantas has an amazing range of hotels on offer and usually has rates not much higher than on other booking sites. The best way to redeem points when booking a hotel is to wait until Qantas have their routine 30% off pay with points offer or their discounts off their hotel's offers. Booking hotels gives you around 0.9 - 1.1 cents per point of value. Car hire is very similar to hotels with a slightly worse value of 0.8 cents per point of value.

Gift Cards

Lastly, you can use your Qantas points to purchase gift cards. All standard gift cards are available from the Qantas shop. The cheapest gift cards are electronic e-gift cards to specific stores with the most expensive being Mastercard type gift cards. Gift cards have around 0.6 - 0.7 cents per point of value.

Like always, if you have any questions, please comment below or contact me. If you don't want to miss out on any new content, then follow me on Instagram or Reddit for more information about everything to do with credit card churning and point collecting.

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