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Here are all the resources I use to successfully credit card churn. Including a credit card churning spreadsheet to keep track of all my rewards and credit cards so I can quickly choose my next credit card and make sure I am maximizing my rewards safely and responsibly.

Credit card churning spreadsheet

As I have spoken about before, credit card churning can be risky and harmful to my credit score and financial health if I am not responsible. This spreadsheet has been specifically created to help me when I am churning credit cards in Australia and keep my credit card history organised, track my rewards, and open and close dates. A credit card spreadsheet like this is crucial for being able to track all my signup bonuses and which cards I have open and closed and when I can open and close them again. This multiple credit card tracker in Excel will be my primary tool in keeping my credit card churning journey successful.

Credit card churning spreadsheet in excel

The main difference between this credit card spreadsheet and others that are available is that this spreadsheet not only tracks which credit cards I have opened and closed and their specific details, but will also automatically calculate all the credit card rewards and sign up bonuses I have received as well as cashback and convert it into a monetary value. This way I can see how much my rewards are worth on average over my credit card churning period. 

Useful Links

Point Hacks: Great resource for everything related to credit cards and rewards.

Compare Qantas Credit Cards: Official Qantas credit card comparison tool.

Rwrds: Great credit card comparison tool primarily focused on rewards.

Free Points: All the latest points promotions are updated in an easy to read format.

Ozbargains: A website and forum featuring deals, bargains and financial discussions.

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