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Credit card churning is a way I earn some extra money through signup bonuses and other rewards which I can then use to access benefits.

I also like to use referrals to receive small signup bonuses from different companies.

Below are different ways I can earn rewards using a referral system which many other companies offer to reward the sharing of their products or services. I am not affiliated with any of these and only list them here as I use them and personally think they are decent products.



Heymax is an online shopping portal that rewards users with its own loyalty credits called Max Miles. It works in the same sense as Cashrewards, but you will earn a set number of Max Miles per dollar spent, instead of cashback.

Max Miles can be redeemed for gift cards, to book travel, or transferred to 20+ airline and hotel loyalty programs at a 1:1 ratio. You can boost your points collection by stacking your credit card points with Heymax points per dollar spent.

You will receive a bonus of 500 Max Miles for signing up with my referral. Please read all the T&C before signing up.

Referral link: Heymax Referral Link



Something for you, something for them. Love everything your American Express Card has to offer? Refer a friend today and when they’re approved, you’ll earn Bonus Points and they could be rewarded too.

AMEX referral program will give the person signing up an extra 50,000 MR Points and the referrer a bonus of 40,000 MR points. So if you are interested in an AMEX use this referral link to get some bonus points on top of the standard bonus offers available


 Referral link: AMEX Referral Link

Qantas Wellbeing app

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Qantas has an app for your mobile phone called Qantas Wellbeing App. It is part of their Qantas health insurance bundle.


With the app, you can earn points for completing daily and weekly step goals, sleep health challenges, cycling, and swimming.


There are also quizzes you can take which will net you from 10 points to 200 points per quiz. These include BMI checks, blood pressure quizzes, car tire pressure, and car brake checks.


There are about 10 or more you can complete at any time.


I use the Qantas Wellbeing app to earn Qantas points through my daily exercise passively


If you are new, you can use my referral code MANCIA to earn 150 bonus Qantas points when you sign up and log in to the app for the first time.



Cashrewards is one of my favorite sites for getting rewarded while shopping. Sounds strange right? This website lets you get cashback for buying items online. You can get up to 20% cashback with certain online stores.


It's as easy as exploring the huge range of stores on our website. Activate your cashback on a brand's page then shop as normal on their site. Within 7 days you will be notified if your shop has tracked successfully.

Introduce a friend to Cashrewards and you’ll both get $20 into your Cashrewards account when they make a qualifying purchase of $20 or more within 14 days of signing up. Everybody wins! Please read all the T&C before applying.


 Referral link: Cashrewards Referral Link



Webull is a new trading platform that is holding a promotion through referrals.

Their promotions are constantly changing and I will try to keep updating them as they happen. Each referral is usually around $50 to $200 in signup bonuses which are given to you in the form of shares or other rewards, which you can cash out and transfer to your nominated bank account.

This is a fast and easy way to get signup bonuses. Please read all the terms and conditions carefully before choosing to sign up.

Referral link: Webull Referral Link



Sniip is a tool that lets you use credit cards to pay bills and billers using that don't normally accept credit cards. This is especially useful for reaching your minimum spend on cards such as AMEX. Best of all, you will still receive all your reward points by paying these bills using your credit card through Sniip. It's easy to use and safe. By using my referral you will receive an extra $10 to use towards paying any bill over $50.


 Referral code: 434yM



Airbnb a popular house rental and hosting platform is offering anyone who hosts their property an extra $60 USD for using a referral link when signing up.


So if you decide to host your property and want to make some extra cash, just by signing up, use the referral link below! Please read the T&C carefully before signing up as referrals may change without notice.


 Referral link: Airbnb Host Referral Link

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